Close Gallery
Close Gallery

Gallery-Close is one of Scotland’s only privately managed photography galleries. It is proud to represent a growing number of elite photographers and is one of the friendliest galleries around.

The gallery is situated in the heart of the historic Georgian New Town in Edinburgh, midway between Princes Street and Stockbridge. It exhibits a variety of photographic work and individually themed exhibitions throughout the year.

Chris Close is one of Scotland’s most established professional photographers. He specialises in people and places covering everything from the glamour and luxury of The Seychelles to the grit and grime of oil drilling in Texas.

Since 2009 he has completed one of the most unique and unusual portrait exhibitions at The Edinburgh International Book Festival. A rolling series of work which is added to daily culminating in around 100-150 highly original portraits of writers from across the globe.

Chris’s own website is at:

Chris has produced the following video showcasing the Tennis club at the Grange: